The 2nd Annual Ceramic Scramble Starts Tomorrow!

The 2nd Annual Ceramic Scramble Treasure Hunt starts tomorrow
Sunday, December 27  
The clues will be emailed at 8:00am. 

Email subscribers will get a 10 minute head start! 

Be sure to add to your contacts or check your spam folder.  At 8:10am, the clues will be posted on the ChickaBee Pottery blog for everyone to see.

Here are the details and rules:

  1.  The clues will be emailed at 8:00am 12/27/2020 to subscribers only.  Please do not forward or share the email.
  2. The clues will be available to anyone at 8:10am at on our blog.
  3.  Only one prize each household.
  4.  If you want to see if you can find the others, that's totally cool, just look a bit later and be stealthy so you not give anything away to anyone still playing.
  5.  If you find the prize, please do the following.  1. Celebrate with a victory dance! (or just dance a little in your heart!)  2. Take a picture of your find (it's awesome if you are in it, but at least take a picture of the pottery.)  3. Post the picture and what number prize it is immediately to Facebook or Instagram @chickabeepottery.  Both would be awesome, but one is better than none.  If you don't have either FB or Instagram, email so that I can post for you.  We don't want people looking for prizes that have already been grabbed.  4.  Replace the prize with the note saying it's been found (this will be clear if you find the prize).  
  6. Please don't give anything away online.  If you know where it is, please keep the secret so that others can have to joy of discovery.  
  7. HAVE FUN!!!

I will give out additional clues if needed on facebook and instagram.  I will also keep you updated on what has been found.  Be sure to follow along.  I will have a post to explain the clues tomorrow.  

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