Clues for the 3rd Annual Ceramic Scramble Treasure Hunt


ALL OF THE POTTERY HAS BEEN FOUND!  Thanks everyone for playing!

You can still enter the online giveaway.  The drawings will be at 1:00pm, Sunday, January 22.

The password were emailed at 9:00am 1/21/2023 to subscribers there was a small glitch and it went out a few minutes late.  So sorry. 

  1.  Only one prize each household.
  2.  If you want to see if you can find the others, that's totally cool, just look a bit later and be stealthy so you not give anything away to anyone still playing.
  3.  If you find the prize, please do the following.  1. Celebrate with a victory dance! (or just dance a little in your heart!)  2. Take a picture of your find (it's awesome if you are in it, but at least take a picture of the pottery.)  3. Post the picture and what number prize it is immediately to Facebook or Instagram @chickabeepottery.  Both would be awesome, but one is better than none.  If you don't have either FB or Instagram, email so that I can post for you.  We don't want people looking for prizes that have already been grabbed.  
  4. Please don't give anything away online if a piece hasn't been found.  If you know where it is, please keep the secret so that others can have to joy of discovery.  
  5. HAVE FUN!!!

I will give out additional clues if needed on our new facebook group ChickaBee Pottery People.  You are welcome to join the group at any time.  I will also keep you updated on what has been found.  Be sure to follow along.  I will have a post to explain the clues as soon as everything is found..  




It’s the third time we’ve hidden

Our pots throughout town

I hope you find one

So you will not frown


The six they are hidden

Very well you will see

And this year there is

not one up in a tree


These pots were on a journey of where we have been

Some places we’ve been again and again


The first one you’ll find where we are most often

Hop in the car and soon you’ll be shoppin

A neat old truck hides this little one

Look by the tire and you will have fun!


Number two is hidden where we learn the land

You may have Discovered us throwing by hand

There’s lightning and smoke that burns every day

The grass that they show us won’t grow in the clay


Number three, but of course, is at the new place,

It was bigger and warmer and kept with the pace

All sorts of fun things happen here as you know

Sometimes you’ll find Santa, some shoes or a show

It will be outside by the street side fountain

This was number 3 if you have been countin’


The fourth will be where our protectors hang out

They let us use their space when they are out and about

A school uses this one to raise up some dough

It’s good for the kids and parents you know

Thank the people who work here when you see them out

I am proud of them and our nation and there is no doubt!


A new place for us this year holds number five

There can be art work, drama and maybe a jive

Look close to the mural where dirt becomes mugs

Maybe someone there once made some jugs


The last one, the sixth, is at a fun place to be

You’ll find grapes, some weddings

And a view you can see

This one is not at the building on no

Look for the sign and your win will be so


Thank you for playing, I hope you have fun

The pots are all hiding and hope to be won

If they all gone when you’ve figured it out,

No need to worry, please do not pout

The riddle and searching and solving is fun

The real treasure is the seeking, that can’t be undone!


You’re not in Manhattan, or can’t do the task

How do I enter, is it easy you ask?

Just follow on Facebook or Instagram too

There will be a giveaway made just for you








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  • Found clue #1


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