ALL OF THE TREASURES HAVE BEEN FOUND! The clues are explained.

Thanks to everyone that participated in the 2nd Annual Ceramic Scramble.  Here are the explanations to the clues:


Where do we start, in this crazy year?

My mind is a jumble, but never you fear!

The first hunt we had, we did visit the past.

The finders were good, they snatched it up fast!


This year is different we all can agree

Maybe you’ll find a pot in a tree?

This clue came into play for clue #5

I think we will look at some things that we missed

Some are back open and some oh we wished!


The first one you’ll find is a thing I missed most.

A treat on a weekend, sometimes I would host.

It is a place for your mind to not think,

Adventures and romance and laughs on the brink.

Go by yourself, or family or friends

Relax for awhile the fun never ends!

I really missed going to the movies.  We don't go often, but when we did it was always a great way to relax and not think!


The second place missed was tough on the kids.

The parents too, just might flip their lids.

“Marco” and “Polo” they would all say! 

All ages would love it, perhaps spend the day.

This one is the wrong direction for penguins to be.

It is often mistaken if you look you will see.

The pools being closed was super hard on the kids! (Parent too) Marco! Polo! is heard at the pool.  Penguins live in the South you will see - Northview pool


The third one I tell you is the same as before

I know it’s redundant, I can be such a bore.

The stories the singing oh so much fun!

Makeup and fake trees, and no not just one.

Willie and friends might just be found here.

At the end of the thing we all stand and cheer!

It's redundant because I hid one here last year.  I really missed all of the shows and events at McCain.  Of course Willie is there because he lives at KState.


The fourth can be found if you search in this place

Each year the kids leave happy with a sticky face

You can find it all here, spinning, rabbits and fun.

At night some tough kids, more work to be done.

The place is so big, oh where to set it?

Maybe the hall, so we don’t forget it?

Kids leave happy with a stick face from the Riley County Fair.  The tough kids are the 4Hers who work late to take care of their critters.  It was at Pottroff Hall.


The fifth one you’ll find in a place that had hope

It never closed down, no never, not, nope!

Sunshine and fresh air, dog walks oh so needed.

We all went there distancing we all heeded.

There are the most, so many in town. 

Oh where, oh where, where to place the prize down?

I may just not do that I said it already

This one is quite different so hold yourself steady

Go to the place with soccer, softball and geese

It can be found close to where kids play to get their release

This was found at Anneberg Park.  I didn't set it down - I said it already, it was up in a tree!


To seek number six you might find some rope and some dirt

Let’s hope it is soft, so they don’t get hurt. 

Sometimes it looks scary, but never you fear!

He’ll jump in a barrel and then he will jeer.

Look on the outside of  this big open space. 

If you find it first, you have won this race.

This last prize was found at the Rodeo Grounds.  When you get bucked off, you want the dirt to be soft.  It can be scary, but the clown will jump in a barrel to save the day!


Thank you for playing and keeping me sane

It’s fun to share prizes so much I do gain

I hope you had fun finding treasures or not

You guys are the best, a mighty fine lot!

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