Artist's Collaboration

We are so excited for our third installment of our Artist's Collaboration Series!

Jill has always wanted to work with fellow artists and see what their talent and her pottery would look like together.  There are so many wonderful artists in Jill’s life that it seemed like a natural progression to her  work. 

One of the goals of the collaboration is to get the artist’s work out to the world.  Each featured artist will be able to showcase their work on our handmade mugs or other pottery.  The pottery and additional items will be available for purchase on our website  as well as at our booth, at Eclectic Charm. The artist will split any money earned from the sale of the pottery.  They will also be able to showcase anything they want - original paintings, drawings, prints, greeting cards... the sky is the limit.  They will earn 100% of any other items purchased.  

You can see the process of creating the mugs, as well as all of the finished work on our Facebook page, chickabeepottery and instagram @chickabeepottery. If you are interested in purchasing the original watercolors, or want to be the first to know of our upcoming featured artist releases and more, be sure to sign up for our newsletter. 

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