Featured Artist – Kristy (Nixon) Skaggs

Kristy Skaggs is the daughter of the potter and owner of ChickaBee Studios. When the idea for the artist’s collaboration came to be, Jill immediately knew that her kids would be perfect!  Kristy has been artistic throughout her life, making little paper villages as a small child, painting, and drawing.

When Jill asked Kristy why she chose gnomes for her mug and print series, Kristy replied, “Why not gnomes?” This fun series features Celone the Camping Gnome, Gerome the Gardening Gnome, Frenome the Fishing Gnome, and Simone the Swimming Gnome.

Kristy is still creating!  She is currently a Civil Engineer living in Wichita, Kansas, designing roadways for the surrounding communities. She enjoys spending time with her family and dogs, hunting, and fishing.

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