The Clues to the Ceramic Scramble Explained

All of the pots were found in less than three hours.  Here is where everything was.

ChickaBee Pottery Ceramic Scramble - 2019

A way to say thanks for the support of my friends

I have made up game in a prize it will end

The ceramics are hidden in more than one town

A trip down our past is where I’ll place the prize down

It started long ago when they were both small

Sports, music and fun we had such a ball

This was about my two kids and a little about them growing up.  The towns were Manhattan, where they played in a lot of parks and were in many activities, Keats, where they played at the park, watched fireworks and practiced throwing, and Riley, where they went to school from K-12.

The first can be found at a place that they played

Friends and good memories each time they stayed

It is hidden quite well where small Indians meet

To find this first prize would really be neat

This was hidden in the small teepees at Cico park in Manhattan.  

The next one to hide has a similar ring

The first one to find it will earn this small thing

In this tiny town little people do gather

The ship can’t be sunk so don’t work up a lather

It will be hidden inside of the town

In order to find it you must turn your eyes down

This was also in a park where they played.  It has a ship that you can climb on and a little town that you can play make believe or hide and seek.

The third takes place where the dragon does live

In the fence with a diamond the prize it will give

Another park where we spent a lot of time.  There is a huge dragon to crawl on.  The prize was hidden in the baseball field. 

In spring time and Fridays you would find them both here

Spinning or hitting or armed with a spear

If Flash would get hungry, he’d visit this place

Here is the fourth one and it’s not the vase

Kristy and Jake's high school track and football field was where this one was.  Spinning- Kristy and Jake threw discus, hitting - Jake played football and armed with a spear - they both threw javelin.  Flash the Falcon is Riley County's mascot.  If he got hungry, he would have been at the concession stand.  

The fifth one you seek is easy to find

A place for rehearsals, shows and good times

It is at the place where the youngest does stay

Willie could find it if he was seeing a play

Both kids spent many hours rehearsing for gold and silver orchestra at McCain Auditorium.  We have also seen many great shows and preformances.  Jake is going to school there now and lives there.  Of course, Willie the Wildcat, K-State's mascot would go to McCain to see a play.

The last one you seek marks an end to the game

From Falcon to Raven the oldest became

We had a great time on this awesome ride

The only thing tricky is there is no tide

It’s softer to land and that is quite nice

If no one can find them, there will be more advice

This one was at the sand volleyball courts at City Park.  Kristy played volleyball for Riley County as a Falcon and then at Benedictine as a Raven.  There is no tide at this beach volleyball court.  And of course, it is much softer to land on sand the a hard gym floor!

 Good luck to you all and thanks for the try

I can’t wait see who finds them but for now I’ll say bye!

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